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Lance Foxx's Journal
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Monday, April 5th, 2010
2:39 am
Epicenter Video
This is incredible! I found video that was taken right at the epicenter of the 7.2 earthquake. It was taken along a highway that parallels the mountain ridge that ruptured. You can see the entire ridge giving off a huge cloud of dust from the major earthquake. This group of kids pulled over because they thought they had a flat tire. They couldn't believe their eyes when they looked over at the mountains...

WARNING: Strong Language

Current Mood: Amazed
Sunday, April 4th, 2010
11:52 pm
7:49 pm
The 7.2 Easter Earthquake
The night before the earthquake, I had noticed the small swarm of 3.0 and 4.0 earthquakes near Guadalupe Victoria, in Mexico. I was watching that and noting the decrease in earthquakes over the past week for the rest of California. The average seemed to be 700+ a week and it dropped down to almost 500. I spoke with a co-worker at 7am about what I was observing and discussed Cerro Prieto, which is nearby.

Also during the course of the night, at work, I watched a mouse run across the parking lot and stop right at my feet, unaware that I was standing there. It sat there for a few moments, probably wondering if I saw it. I was fairly amused and tried to get a pic with my cellphone, but it was too dark. It eventually got tired of waiting to see what I was going to do and darted off to the side. Later still, I observed coyotes running through the parking lot on the security cameras.

When I got home, I went to sleep. I slept until 3:40pm when the quake started.

I believe what woke me up was that I was feeling some sort of vibration. I opened my eyes. I was facing my closet which had sliding glass doors. I could see the glass flexing. I rolled onto my back and looked at the rest of the room where I could see more items throughout the room shaking. A stack of paperwork inboxes were swaying, the lampshade was bapping the wall, and just everything in general seemed to be moving.

I sat up quickly and prepared to get to my feet. As I stood up, the shear wave hit and I felt the ground LIFT! That's the first time I ever felt anything like that. The earthquake literally "bounced" me out of bed. I took a couple of steps, getting to my computer. I was eager to post a message to Twitter. I know I should have ducked and covered, but after that initial jolt, I thought that would be it and that the earthquake would taper down from there.

It didn't. Even as my monitor turned on and I began typing, things were STILL shaking. It never stopped. It seemed to be lasting almost 45 seconds to a full minute.

Then, while at my desk, I felt another strong lift and drop motion.

I kept looking around the room, watching small items move and sway. After feeling that very strong lift a couple of times, I knew what I was feeling had to be a BIG earthquake and not just a moderate one. I began to worry that maybe I should take cover in case a third and more powerful jolt was coming, but it did finally taper off.

I remained at my computer, logging onto news networks, and I felt three aftershocks. The first was about 15 minutes later. The last one was the stronger of the three and it made things in my room shake visibly again.

It's now been 4 hours. I haven not felt anything more than those initial three aftershocks, but I know that we're due for more and I'm ready for it.

Let me tell you, that was the biggest earthquake I ever felt and with it being a 7.2, it'll probably be the biggest earthquake I'll feel for some time.

I'm okay, checked the house, no damage. Nothing even fell over. I'm miles and miles away from the epicenter, though, in Oceanside, California. I'm north of San Diego, along the coast, between San Diego and LA. Oddly enough, the power never flickered, but parts of LA lost power due to this quake.

I'll do my best to keep everyone posted if anything more happens, but things should be calming down a bit now.

Current Mood: excited
Sunday, March 14th, 2010
5:10 pm

Current Mood: amused
Tuesday, March 9th, 2010
2:58 pm
Injured Hand
I was unloading a piece of heavy exercise equipment from the back end of my truck when a massive bar came loose and swung down on my hand, with the force of a car door slamming. The bar came down right on the knuckle of my right thumb.

I thought right then and there that my thumb was broken. It hurt that bad. I was afraid to bend it... quickly, since it was already in hand, we rushed the equipment inside and set it down. I knew I wouldn't be able to lift anything else after that.

I looked at my hand and it was bleeding. Burr got me to a sink to run water on it and the knuckle started to swell. I honestly thought I broke it. Burr asked me to try to move it and even though the movement was very little, I could. So, it wasn't as bad as I feared. It wasn't broken.

It was still bad, however, and I knew this injury wasn't going away in a day or two.

I didn't have a doctor yet. The last time I saw a doctor was in 2003. I wasn't eager, at 8pm at night, to look for a doctor and to start incurring new medical bills. I had hoped that by morning, the swelling would have gone down, and that I could start to use my thumb again, just that it would be very sore.

When I woke up this morning, I found that I couldn't move my thumb at all. I didn't know if it was caused by the bruising, but I seemed to be able to use my thumb LESS, not more. At that point, reluctantly, I decided to see a doctor.

I had it x-ray'ed. No damage to bone, ligament, or cartilage, but the doctor did say that there was "soft tissue damage" and that it would probably be best to wear a brace until it healed more.

Because this was my first sit down with a doctor in over 7 years, he did give me the opportunity to bring up other ailments, but I understood too that this not a good time to ask for a full physical. I did get some blood work done and I mentioned the chronic pain I've been dealing with concerning my mouth. I was given prescription drugs for my injury and my mouth. I hope to be in much better health within a week.

Until the next two or three weeks, though, it will be very hard for me to do anything with my right hand. I'm right handed and an artist, so there's a lot I suddenly can't do, or do very easily in life. Please bare with me.

Current Mood: uncomfortable
Sunday, March 7th, 2010
4:36 pm
RIP: Amber Dubois
It is with a very heavy heart that I have to report the remains of Amber Dubois have been found...

Amber Dubois was a 14 year old girl who disappeared locally in Escondido, California, last year. Her story drew nationwide attention, but there was a personal draw to this case for me that makes this sad ending even more painful...

Not only was Amber a local teenager with a bright future, but I spotted something that seemed familiar. Amber had an affinity for wolves, wore a wolf pendant, and even went by the Yahoo name "Wolfintheend." Even though I never saw her name in any of the Furry or Were sites I had gone to, probably because she was too young, I still felt there was a shared interest in wolves and a special kinship in that regard.

I feel like I lost a friend I never got the chance to know.

When I found out about the case and about her, I took a special interest and even posted journals about her last year. I really wanted a happy ending. I wanted to believe that, best case scenrio, maybe she was young and in love. Maybe she was talked into running away from home with a secret boyfriend. At least that way, there was a chance to believe she might still be okay and alive somewhere.

After a year of wondering, trying to piece together what little was known... hell, Burr and I even wanted to grab a metal detector and help authorities searching for clues. This case really pulled at our hearts.

It's such a sad end and to know that it looks like we never had a chance to save her, that she was already gone... it's just gut-wrenching.

Amber Dubois.... You never knew me, but I was another stranger out there that heard about you and cared about your well being. I really wanted the chance to get to meet you some day, talk wolves, artwork, stories, and maybe even take you to see real life wolves at a wolf park like I've been able to do with some of our other friends. I am deeply sorry and profoundly saddened that as a society we couldn't do more to save you. May you rest in peace. God bless.

Current Mood: sad
Monday, February 15th, 2010
5:34 pm
Jamie McMurray Post from FA w/ PICS
Congrats to Jamie McMurray for his Daytona 500 win

I honestly can't believe I did it again. I've been telling you guys, on Twitter, on FA, a few of you in person, and I've even told people at work...

"Watch the #1 car. The #1 will be #1!"

I knew Jamie McMurray would win the Daytona 500.

How did I do it? Post from FA, (Now with PICTURES!) behind the cut...Collapse )

Current Mood: ecstatic
Saturday, January 16th, 2010
3:13 am
Further Confusion
Who all is going? So far only two or three people I know have said that they're going. There's gotta be more than that! I want to know who to look for or who all might be looking for me.

I'll be posting here and on Twitter while I am at the con. I will not be bringing my suit this time, however, no room. I may bring it next time. I really don't have anything planned besides hanging out. I don't have a table or anything. I'll probably hit up some artists for sketches and commissions.

I'll be wearing THIS badge by Lizardbeth during the con. You'll probably see me wearing a black leather jacket and probably sitting somewhere with either a sketcbook or my netbook open.

So... again, who's going? Roll call time! It's my first con back since 2006!

Current Mood: awake
Friday, November 27th, 2009
8:30 am
Lance to be Interviewed by Aussie Radio News

Normally, seeing a post like this, you'd expect that I'd be talking about another local wildfire. Although we continue to have fires now and again, currently they are nothing compared to the bushfires in Australia. Tha's where this amazing photo was taken. The firestorm has literally turned everything orange.

Coincidently, that was the name of one of the local towns that was under a fire warning, due to one of many fires burning in the area. I listened online to ABC Central West in Australia to see how they were doing with their wildfires. Towards the end of the night, I sent the broadcast an e-mail, offering their listeners my support, as I know what's like having been through several fires before.

I was surprised this morning to learn that the radio station in Orange responded and that they're like to interview me! They think it would be interesting to hear from an American, how the Cali fires and the Aussie fires are very similar. I'm also interested in hearing how Australia treats wildfires differently than we do.

I took them up on the offer! I'll keep you guys posted and try to get an audio recording of the show. I think I'm only going to be on for about 7 to 8 minutes. It's not a full hour or anything.

Current Mood: energetic

Thursday, November 26th, 2009
5:34 pm
Robbery Nearby as Crime is Mentioned
Last night, Burr and I went out to see the movie Fantastic Mr. Fox. It was a good movie, though I'm a bit biased. The movie theater was in San Marcos. Before we saw the movie, we grabbed a quick bite to eat in a drive thru.

I remember looking at the clock because we wanted to be there a half hour before the movie started to make sure we got good seats. The time was 8:15pm. We had plenty of time to eat and still drive over.

As we pulled in, I looked at the nearby 7-Eleven and was reminded of something. Every single night that I listen to the police scanner, there was something bad happening at this store. Either it was a robbery or there was some sort of disturbance police were being called to.

I mentioned that to Burr and even told him, "Bad neighborhood... I'm prepared to race off if someone should walk up to my truck."

My guard was up. I was alert and looking around feeling that the threat at that moment was very real. I checked my mirrors often and looked around. Thankfully, we were the only car in the drive thru at that time and nothing happened.

At that same exact moment, also at 8:15pm, just a mile up the same road, another gas station was robbed.

Current Mood: alert
Monday, July 13th, 2009
10:59 am
Foxx Stox: Lance Takes on Wall Street
I have joined the stock market. I bought my first stocks, ever. I've always wanted to try this out and last week I took that first step. I bought 1 share each of 3 different stocks I thought had the best potential for growth.

ORLY - (YA RLY!) O'Reilly Automotive
CAR - Avis Rent-a-Car
PAG - Penske Automotive Group

Now, only buying one share of each, I know I'm not going to get rich. That's not what I'm doing this for. I consider it a fun experiment to test the waters out with. If I find I have good instinct at trading stocks and I do well, I may invest more money into it. But, for now, I'm just going to watch these stocks for a bit and see how well my picks do.

I'm up $2 already! Woohoo! Heheh...

~Trading through TD Ameritrade.

Current Mood: optimistic
Thursday, June 25th, 2009
11:47 pm
RIP: Michael Jackson
It is hard for me to express how I feel tonight.

There's a lot I want to say, but I'm afraid that I won't be able to find the right words to properly express how I feel.

I am both saddened and depressed by the loss of Michael Jackson.

Michael meant a lot to me. I grew up as a child if the 80s and I remember just about everything Michael Jackson did. I remember the Pepsi commercials. I remember eagerly anticipating each and every music video that would debut on MTV. I even remember the night the Thriller music video debuted! I was at a friend's house whose whole family liked Michael Jackson and I really liked him a lot too. Thriller cemented my interest in Michael as an artist, a performer, a dancer, and a singer.

I remember the larger than life persona he had and the moments where he was on top of the world. All the while, he never became greedy, corrupt, or ungrateful. He always remained sweet, thankful for everything, hopeful, and loving towards everyone.

The very first album I ever went to a record store to buy was Bad. Yeah, I remember the controversy of how "white" he looked, but I looked past that and appreciated the the songs and the new music videos all over again. I became a die-hard fan. When I was young, I even wanted to dance like him and I mimicked him all the time. I even remember dancing in front of my mom once, spasming like an idiot trying to pretend to be like Michael Jackson... I could be embarrassed to have that memory, but instead I cherish it now.

I saw Moonwalker, the movie. Yeah, terrible movie, I know, but there were a lot of parts I just loved.

"Leave Me Alone," in which he took a shot at all the negative people in his life, defending himself and proving that he was strong enough to even satire and laugh at himself...

"Speed Demon," probably would have never been able to explain it fully back then, but knowing me now, you gotta understand why I would love this video. Michael, once again, feels the need to escape from the crazy people in his life. He goes on one hell of a flight of fancy, in which he becomes a clay-mation anthro rabbit of himself, actually shapeshifts a lot, and pulls some tricks to get away.

"Smooth Criminal," probably the best part of the movie, in which his style of dance blends perfectly with a fun 1930s gangster theme. It became so iconic the theme itself spawned a video game.

Outside of the video, there was more shapeshifting. Michael actually transforms into a car and a mechanized robot! Given a budget, you actually see some pretty detailed and awesome transformations. Well, okay, the car was done in shadow, but the car looked cool when it pulled out and the robotic transformation was very detailed!

Beyond the movie, you remember his transformations in "Thriller," the morphing part in "Black or White," turning into a black panther in the uneditted ending of that... Michael Jackson seemed to have a thing for transformation. You know how I can definitely relate to that. I'd even go so far as to say those TFs probably did help me get into TF, partially at least, but undeniably.

To me, seeing Michael Jackson transform was Michael trying to express himself in so many ways, just being human wasn't enough any more. He shifted his shape to express things in more than one form. I really admired him for being able to morph his image and his body that way in such a public fashion. He wove that into his identity at times in the same way I do now.

It wasn't just TF, though. In a way, I thought we were kindred spirits. On the level of being an artist, I just... I wanted to talk to him, get to know him, talk about the music videos and everything... he seemed so fascinating and I wanted to get to know him better, understand his creativity and hopefully mutually share some inspiration.

The 1990s got ugly. I felt bad for Michael, but as things went from bad to worst, it was tough to support him when the whole world seemed to turn against him. I never believed in the child molestation allegations, however I had to admit he was getting progressively weirder and weirder. I would often shake my head and ask, "Michael, what are you DOING?!" I would later find out drugs were starting affect him and his judgment, though nothing got to him worse than the child molestation charges. I think that really knocked him to the ground, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. The world loved you and all of a sudden they hated you...

(Let me make it clear, I do not believe Michael Jackson ever molested anyone. All comments throwing that back in my face will be ignored. Regardless of what everyone believes, he want to court, was found not guilty, and we all had a chance to move on.)

Sadly, he never was able to shake the allegations. I think his drug use either returned or got worse. I believe his health was fading. I believe he wasn't surrounding himself with the right people. I believe he pushed himself too hard at a later age, trying to perform like he was still 21 when he's in fact 50. I think the botched plastic surgeries were demoralizing and the skin disorder he had that gave him embarrassing blotches definitely didn't help either. He never really got over people believing he just bleached his skin. He hid himself more and more in bandages and with the notorious face mask.

It seemed Michael Jackson just went on a different downward spiral that, it became too easy to make fun of him and yet no one could reach him to pull him back up.

He never got the big come back he deserved. That's what saddened me the most. I see this as a real tragedy. Michael Jackson didn't deserve to die being remembered like this. He deserved better. I didn't speak much on Michael Jackson because he had faded so far from the limelight, however I always remained a die-hard fan and I had hoped for an epic come back that would bring all the fans back.

It just... never happened. His legacy is so tainted and it's so... depressing.

I want to remember Michael Jackson for his soul... not "Early" Michael Jackson, not "Thriller or Billy Jean" Michael Jackson, because that was not the whole of who he was. I want to look at Michael Jackson, his whole life, but the one thing in that that never changed... his soul. He was one of the kindest and most giving celebraties the world will ever know. It is a true shame to see him go.

I don't care what anyone else says. I, for one, will miss him. I am deeply saddened to see him go.

Thank you, Michael... for everything. You inspired me and millions of others. Hopefully, you will continue to do so for many years to come.

Current Mood: sad
Friday, June 19th, 2009
8:52 pm
The New iRan
So, I heard that Apple released their much long awaited iRan.

Not everyone seems to be happy with it, though. In fact, I think thousands of people actually took to the streets in protest. They're waiting for some sort of update. I guess they didn't get what they wanted. I may have mis-heard, but I believe people were chatting "Where is my phone?"

Current Mood: dorky
Saturday, June 13th, 2009
5:06 am
Lance Dragon WIP
Normally I try not to upload sketches, but this drawing means a lot to me. A few of you will understand as I've talked about this with a few of my close dragon friends.

I believe I have a dragon form to my nature and I'm still struggling to get the exact form down. I wanted to share what I did tonight. I don't feel this comes anywhere close to a definitive reference, but I just wanted to try again.

This version has a bit of a more generalized anthro look to it because I thought it might be easier for me try.

The inset picture was done by Holly a while back and I tossed it in there to give a color reference.

Already, you might notice some changes. I didn't draw in ears and I may lose those. I believe I may keep the horns white, but make the spikes flat black. The red eyes may change too. I don't know yet.

I may finish this at a later date. I have another pic I'm trying to finish by the 15th and I go on travel Sunday night, so I may not be back to work on it until Tuesday night.

Current Mood: cold
Tuesday, June 9th, 2009
7:13 am
Cost Upon Cost / Coast to Coast
Initial estimate to repair my truck: $733.00. Apparently my truck IS dented...

I'll find out today whether or not the other guy's insurance is taking responsibility.

I'll also be out of town and, for the most part, offline for most of the week. I'll try to be on my phone, but work sprung surprise travel on us yesterday. I may not be back home until Friday or Saturday night.

Some good news, I bought a metal detector on Thursday, before any of this stuff happened, and that should arrive today. It's for a bit a treasure hunting, new hobby Burr and I want to take up. Who knows? Maybe we'll come across a gold nugget like this guy did and be able to pay for everything easily.

Current Mood: blah
Friday, June 5th, 2009
5:05 pm
It Finally Happened...
My truck got hit in a parking lot today. Thankfully, Burr and I were both in the vehicle when this happened. An elderly man who was hard of hearing (and apparently driving), swung way too wide in order to park and hit my left rear. His car rubbed up against my truck, as I looked over and saw what was happening, before he backed up and tried parking again.

At first the driver denied it, but it was unmistakable. He hit us so hard that Burr and I initially thought it was an earthquake! When we were apparently ready to call police, he changed his tune and admitted to it, but then got pushy about hurrying things up. He demanded to see our insurance (even as we found out afterwards that his was expired...) and he actually took the attitude that we were holding HIM up. I couldn't believe it. I wanted remind him, "YOU hit ME, buddy!" but I didn't say anything just yet. He then said to us "How long is this going to take? I have a meeting to go to." Yeah, and we gotta pay rent before the office closes. Deal. That much I did say...

We took photos and are working with our insurance provider right now. I'm thankful we were there because this man had the attitude of someone who was willing to commit a hit and run. I have no doubt in my mind the senile old man would have simply drove off without as much as leaving contact information.

Admittingly, the damage appears to be very minor, but this is still huge deal for me.

The truck is 10 years old this year. I have been very proud of my truck and I've taken great pride in keeping it in a 'like-new' condition for the entire time that I've owned it. It's never been in a wreck, never been dented, and not even scratched. I've been very cautious and even right up to this parking lot incident, I THOUGHT I parked the truck in the most out of the way spot possible. I took more photos and I can even show you that I parked my truck against the curb to give the person next to me the MAXIMUM parking room available.

It wasn't enough, apparently. The only way he would have missed me was if I parked up on the landscaping. Seriously, even the parking lines were doubled in the bank parking lot to give cars more room!

I am grateful that the damage is minor and it'll more than likely buff out, but it might need to be repainted.

I'm just... pissed beyond words and upset that no matter how hard I tried to keep my truck from being in an accident, even sitting still, in a far corner of a parking lot, some [censored] that shouldn't be driving at all, still managed to hit me...

I'm going to keep my thoughts to myself about elderly drivers. I've had a very strong opinion about this that may not be very popular, but this just makes me want to scream it from the roof tops even louder. For now, I won't say a thing, but you could probably guess what my opinion is.

Who knows? Maybe my truck kept him from driving into the damn building...

Current Mood: pissed off
Monday, May 25th, 2009
3:10 pm
"Ice Cream," by LittleBlueWolf

Welcome to the Summer of 2009! Happy Memorial Day weekend, everyone!

Here's myself and LittleBlueWolf enjoying a bit of ice cream in the park on a hot summer day. It seems no one told her about my liquid shapeshifting abilities. Poor wolf... I love her expression, though! Heheh...

Thank you LittleBlueWolf!

Melty Fox Character © Lance Foxx
Shocked Wolfy and Artwork © Little Blue Wolf

Current Mood: amused
Thursday, May 21st, 2009
9:54 pm
Commissions by Littlenlost
I also received two more commissions from another artist. These two come from Littlenlost on DA. I pounced at the chance when I found out she was taking commissions. I had been watching her almost as long as I've been a member of DA! I've always enjoyed her style and I couldn't wait to see how she might draw my character.

Here is the result!

I think she truly captured my essence here, very foxy! Such a great expression, look at that smile! I really like how she drew my fur too, especially at the cheeks. I kinda like the longer neck too. I feel more true to being a fox drawn in this style than the way I normally draw myself.

And, Wow! What can I say about this next one?...

I love how stylish everything was drawn in this! I love my happy and content expression. As I told "Littlenlost" on DA that the effect with the melting makes me think of paint, which is fitting because not only do I liken my liquid form to paint, but I think it works for me being an artist.

It's amazing how she drew this. I can't get over how iconic it looks for my character. If I were to choose a stylized cover for a collection of artwork of my character, this would probably be it!

Thank you, Littlenlost!

Artwork © Littlenlost
Character © Lance Foxx

Current Mood: enthralled
8:53 pm
"Lance's Wasp Paint!" by Spookaboo
I commissioned Spookaboo to do one of those "Paint TFs" that are pretty popular right now. I've seen a lot done for my friends and I wanted to get one too.

You know me, though, I gotta go for something different...

To show my love for insect TFs, I requested that I be turned into a yellow jacket with the paint.

That's right, a wasp!

I'm not at all afraid of insect forms. I don't really have a fear of spiders or anything IRL. In fact, in terms of shapeshifting, I find insect forms really fascinating because they ARE so drastically different, they're almost alien in comparison! I just think it would be exciting for me to allow myself to conform to the shape of an insect. I'd love to know what it's like.

Of all the bugs out there, I decided that I find the yellow jacket to be the most appealing. I like ants too. Ants and wasps are fairly similar, but the yellow jacket I think is the sexiest looking wasp there is. I love the lean form, the extra arms, the bright yellow and pitch black colors...

Now, let me talk about the paint TF...

Spookaboo did a fantastic job! This is exactly the kind of pic I was hoping for. I was really excited when I saw this. I even printed it out and hung a copy of it on my wall. There's so many cool things, I'd double the length of this description just talking about each detail.

I love how you can tell it's a true TF, how my insect leg is skinnier then the fox leg, showing how my body has truly changed. Check out the new arms helping support and smear the paint on myself. Notice how my body seems a bit elongated to make room for the extra arms. I like how the tip of my tail is actually swelling to form my new abdomen.

Oh, I'm just in love with this pic. I had to share it! <3 <3 <3

Artwork © Spookaboo
Character © Lance Foxx

Current Mood: enthralled
Monday, May 18th, 2009
12:23 am
LA Earthquake Felt in San Diego
There was a 4.7 earthquake in LA tonight. It occurred at 8:39pm local time. I actually felt there earthquake further south here in San Diego county...

What's odd was that I was feeling strange before the earthquake. At 8:30pm at night, I'm normally wide awake. This is the prime time of my day when I'm up and have the most energy. Tonight, I couldn't explain it. I felt so incredibly fatigued and weighed down, and so drained of energy that I considered laying down for a nap. I debated doing so for a good 15 minutes or so before I eventually gave up. I was in the process of shutting my computer down when the earthquake struck.

I first heard a noise above me. The ceiling was creaking. The master bedroom is above me and I can sometimes tell when someone is moving upstairs. This sounded different, though, as it sounded more like things were dropping on different parts of the floor above. In that same moment, my eyes darted to the lamp to my left. It was shaking. Nothing going on upstairs should cause my lamp to shake and as I watched the light sway, I started to realize it was an earthquake. I sat up in my chair in the next moment, reacting to the shaking at it grew stronger. I heard the creaking in the ceiling seem to continue, but now throughout the entire house. Lastly, the rolling hit. All this happened in a matter of 3 seconds, boom... boom... boom... the quake ended with the rolling and I had my arms out on my desk feeling it. It was like there was a rug under my chair and it was moving back and forth. I counted about ten seconds and it gradually died down.

That was a good quake! I immediately checked the news, saw LA felt it, and knew right away that the quake must have come from LA. I knew that it was possibly bigger than what I just felt.

The initial report was 5.0, but that was later down graded to a 4.7 earthquake by the USGS.

People started to report light damage. News crews raced to south central LA, heading towards Long Beach. Reports of store fronts with blown out windows were coming in. There were reports of gas leaks and ceiling tiles falling on people in a movie theater. The only report of injuries I saw were someone complaining of back pain and people cutting their feet on glass.

It was a moderate quake. It wasn't a big one. It didn't collapse any buildings or freeways, but this was the very first quake I felt that I KNEW did some structural damage. It's weird knowing that something I felt, something that hit my house, actually did some real damage miles away and hurt people up north.

This quake didn't scare me. I became wide awake and all the fatigue I felt earlier was instantly gone. I jumped from news source to news source, looking for more information and to share what I felt. I thought it was amazing that I was in the next city over from LA and I felt it too. It wasn't as strong, but it was strong enough and lasted long enough to make you sit up and take notice.

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